Life has so much to show us, we have so much to explore in life, but are we doing the same? Doubtful. Today everyone is so busy maintaining their social status, earning more and more but is this the true way of leading a life? No, not at all guys. People like these should be made  to understand what really the word “LIFE” means, it’s not just earning well, living all your life with pomps and shows but living to an extent where you feel challenged. Today in this chaotic world we need to pass through these challenges and live not for anybody else but for ourselves first. We can make others happy only when we are happy. Here are some ways how to make your lifestyle better than the best:

Bring happiness to yourself before getting it for somebody else. You won’t make others happy until and unless you are happy.


 You should take out some time for yourself do whatever you feel like doing. The one thing which might help you is-wake up early in the morning and watch the beauty of rising sun. That is the most calm, pure moment to enjoy. If you are a nature lover, you will definitely love this. Welcome the sun rays with open arms and wish for an amazing day.



Smile at sun and forget all your pending jobs, just be there. Just live that moment.



In this chaotic world we are too busy to enjoy the family time.  Actually we have lost the meaning of family. In old days, family reunions were never set up, no efforts were made for those get-togethers because they were not needed. People never lived that far from each other. Even if they did, their emotions were attached. Their hearts were linked to each other. But now a lot has changed. This is actually that crucial time when our parents are unable to provide us with some quality time. Whom to blame, our parents, situation or the world’s competition?






Well whatsoever it is,  the main point is  take out some time for your family.  Go out on vacations, watch movies together, go out on dinners, play board games together, Plan a weekend task. Nothing matters; all that matters is being with them.






Try to be in a habit of reading anything you like Reading books, novels, magazines release a lot of stress, be it romantic novel, mysteries, comics anything which lightens your stress level. All my geeky friends if you are into science fiction, read that.


Don’t stop yourself from anything which is against your profession or opposite to your field. Knowledge has nothing to do with your profession. It not only increases your skills but actually teaches you a lot. You must have listened to this- “books are your best friends.” They will have all the answers to your question. Try reading “The alchemist” by “Paulo Coelho”.

Many of us must be good painters, photographers, cooks… well cooking is one of the many ways to release tension, stress going on in your life. I have seen many people leading a frustrated life but are actually good in the kitchen…. Sounds hilarious but actually they are. 

Take a look at your kitchen and test your cooking skills. Maybe you find a great chef within yourself. Try something sweet just to throw out that bitterness hovering over your life.


Have a great day!

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