4 September looks like a normal date but it holds more significance in history than we know. Throughout the history, it has been an important day in the field of invention & exploration.

Here are a few events listed:

  • 1609– Navigator & Sea Explorer Henry Hudson became the first European to discover the island of Manhattan.

  • 1682– English astronomer Edmond Halley confirms the prediction of the return of Halley’s comet (named after him).

  • 1781– The city of Los Angeles is founded by 44 Spanish settlers.

  • 1882– First commercial power plant was established by Thomas Edison- lighting New York’s Pearl Street Station.

  • 1888– George Eastman patents the first roll-film camera & registers Kodak.

  • 1920– Last day of Julian calendar (in Bulgaria).

  • 1964– NASA launches first Geophysical Observatory.

  • 1998Google is formally incorporated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

  • 2016– Mother Teresa canonized by Pope Francis in the Vatican City.

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