Students are always hearing adults banging on about how their time at university passed by in the blink of an eye, and how they wished they’d done more when they were there. Well it’s true that for most people that their university experience only lasts 3 years. In the grand scheme of things this really isn’t very much time at all. So don’t let it go to waste! College is the time when every student should look forward to curve out a better future.

Apart from studying, the student life in college can be made more productive with a lot of other activities – things that can help you enhance your skills and add some experience for the job life that awaits you post college. These are some of the few things that can be productive for your student life:

These are some things that should be done by student in college life:-

 1. Traveling to new places:
To make the most of your college student life, you can opt for studying abroad. In that way, you have a good chance to broaden your perspective and finish your studies as well. Choosing a university overseas might add those extra costs to your wallet, but it’s surely going to be one new experience of student life that you must have. If not for the entire course, you can still opt for field trips or get your tuition transferred to a school in another city, linked with your university.

2. Focus on Theory as well as Practical knowledge:
The students play no active role in attainment of knowledge. Things are loaded on his mind which he cannot digest; he only crams and therefore they never become his own. Our educational system according to Dr. Annie basant is just “Filling students head with lot of disjointed facts poured into the heads as into a basket; to be emptied out again in examination hall and empty basket carried out again into the world.” This is the reason why a student who succeeds well in his college examination fails miserable in the examination of life.

3.  Opt for an internship:
Internships give you a real work experience. A student life in college is incomplete if you don’t gain real-work experience in your field of study. Hence, opting for an internship is a smart idea to increase your employability chances after college. Internship can be a full-time or part-time or even a work-from-home experience; choose the one that’ll give you maximum exposure to the job you are aiming for.

4. Explore research opportunities:
Research opportunities bring you ways to make the most of your student life and college education. Join a research program that requires you to do surveys and interviews. In short, grab the opportunity to do get experiences in works like data collection, analysis, report generation, etc.

5. Learn a language:
Other than your subject of study at college, make your student life at college more exciting and learn new things- a new language preferably. You never know when learning a foreign language can be of great help to you post graduation. Many companies look out for graduates who are fluent in more than one international language, a language other than English maybe.

6. Enjoy College festivals and activities network:
College is the time when you can actually do a lot of networking, meet and connect with new people with similar passion and interest as yours. Student life at college is less exciting if you don’t attend college fests, club meets, group activities which can also serve as the meeting spots for networking.

Practical knowledge , self-reading, information gathering, work experience in college life should be given more importance to bring about a complete and harmonious development of all factors of human personality.

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