Everyone, at some point of life, might have asked themselves reason of their birth, purpose of their life, and the goals that they want to achieve. If these questions are left unanswered they continuously keep posing troubles in the life of an individual which lead to an unknown displeasure or you can say unhappiness.

It doesn’t matter how much success an individual gets in his/her life, no matter how much rich a person becomes, and it also doesn’t matter how many goals are achieved by a person or individual, somehow these type of questions keep on confronting an individual or person. This will continue until such accomplishments and achievements do not take place and leads to self-satisfaction.

For example, a youngster has his/her own interests and is yes he/she is very good at it, but chooses not to take it up as a career because he/she thinks it will be quite risky and decides to go for something that is more secure. Going for a career that is more secure is more acceptable in the eyes of others and also somewhat guarantees quick success in their life. Here, the real self or inner self of an individual or a person is that he/she is good in some other activity. But, due to external demands he/she prefers to go away from his/her real potential the inner potential and prefers to go for something that is more secure. This might prove to be worthy while initially, but in the long run of life it only leads to dissatisfaction. There is no harm in going for something that is more secure, but it should not be at the expense of one’s true or inner potential and definitely not at the expense of self-satisfaction.

This was the example of a youngster that chooses other career which will leads him/her to dissatisfaction. But if a person chooses his/her own inner satisfactory goal and then also if he/she is not satisfied by him/herself sometime as he/she thinks that the goal is not being achieved.

For this I will say that the ultimate goal is not been achieved in a day it takes time as someone said “Roam was not built in a day” so we have to be satisfied for small reasons by thinking that we have taken a step ahead on the path to achieve the ultimate goal. Then you will do work with that interest, energy and enthusiasm only which you worked when you started working for your dream goal. So self-satisfaction is must for an individual for working hard, working smartly and most importantly to live happily.

Life can be highly unpredictable. There are various ups and downs which occur throughout one’s life. There are many different moments of happiness as well as sadness. All this creates a lot of instability within individual. The only way to maintain a proper composure in life is to seek and eventually achieve self-satisfaction. It is the seeking of self-satisfaction that guides the person through all the turbulence of life. Achieving self-satisfaction should be the main goal in an individual’s life.

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  1. you are right self-satisfaction is the ultimate goal of life….we should think of for self-satisfaction.. then only we can achieve something… 🙂

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