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May 9, 2017
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May 14, 2017

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1. Simplification, summarization, and compression of the information.

Study smartly by using mnemonic devices whenever possible. In addition, you could summarize the information into a table, diagram, or map. These tools will help you learn the information much faster and you can score good grades in education.

2. Use hand written notes, instead of electronic devices(Laptops, Mobiles).

Students who uses notes by hand tend to process and re-frame the information more quicker. In contrast, laptop note-takers tend to write down what the teacher says word-for-word, without first processing the information whereas using hand written notes and textbooks can turn you in a good reader as well as writer. Thats why researchers says that students who take notes by hand perform better in tests and exams.

3. Try to write down your Problems.

Students who wrote about their feeling and mind about an upcoming exam for 10 minutes performed better than students who didn’t work on problems. The researchers say that this technique is especially effective for habitual worriers, whose who worries too much for exams.
To be less anxious, take 10 minutes and write down all the things related to the upcoming exam that you’re worried about. As a result of this simple exercise, you’ll get better grades.

4. Try to study multiple subjects

You’re supposed to confuse similar information if you study a lot of the same subject in whole day.
So to study smartly, divide your study time for every essential subject. By doing this, your brain will have more time to consolidate your learning.

5. Try to learn the same information in various ways.

The research (Willis, J. 2008) shows that different type of media activates different parts of the brain. The more areas of the brain that are activated, the more likely it is that you’ll understand and retain the information

Some strategies will be useful to you:
Always read class notes
Read the textbook
Search for other useful online sources
Create a mind map
Teach someone what you’ve learned
Practice more and more.

6. Review the information within time interval.

Periodic review is essential if you want to move information from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. This will help you get better exam grades. You can try to review daily problems in your study life. It will help you to explore you brain.

7. Try to Sit at the front of the class while studying.

The researcher says that If you get to choose where you sit during class, grab a seat at the front. Studies show that students who sit at the front tend to get higher exam scores . Sitting at the front causes the concentration of the topic going on rather than unusual gossips of mates.

8. Don’t multitask while studying.

Multitasking makes you less productive, more distracted, and dumber. The studies even show that people who claim to be good at multitasking aren’t actually better at it than the average person.

Good students focus on just one thing at a time. So don’t try to study while also intermittently replying to text messages, watching TV, and checking your Twitter feed.

Turn off notifications on your phone
Put your phone away, or turn it to airplane mode
Turn off the Internet access on your computer

9. Frequent Tests are very important.

Don’t just passively read your textbook or your class notes. Study smart by quizzing yourself on the key concepts and equations. And as you prepare for a test, do as many practice questions as you can from different sources.

10. Focus only on the process not on the result.

Most schools emphasize the importance of getting a certain exam score or passing a certain number of subjects. If you want to meet and surpass these standards, you’d be better off ignoring the desired outcome and concentrating on the learning process instead. When you work with your best efforts then result must be victorious.


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