Ever been afraid of something? Ever had a feeling – I can’t do it? Ever been worried about how to perform a task even when you deep inside know you are capable of doing it? Something keeps holding you back! Something keeps pulling you down! Something keeps on restricting you! This, my friend can be termed as a FEAR. A much negative aspect, let’s get away from this fear. Here are some tips you might want to consider:


Self-confidence is the key to overcome any fear. Believe in yourself. Work smart rather than working hard. There are steps involved in succeeding a task. Rather than working hard on your skills, first try and work on yourself to build that inner self confidence which shouts on top of its voice “ YES! I CAN DO THIS!” First have faith in yourself that you can do anything,  then decide whether you want to do that specific job or not. Once you are ready with a positive thought, then work to subdue that fear and move forward.



The only way to succeed is to keep trying. It may be possible you fail in your first few attempts but that’s not where the world ends. Keep on progressing steadily instead of taking one big leap. Don’t break down if you are constantly failing. Just remember that failing every time will provide you with experiences as to what not to do. Do not lose hope, be adamant that you are meant to complete this task. No power in this universe can stop you from achieving your goals.


FOCUS ON BASICS- health, meditation, sleep

Eating right and doing exercises will keep your body fit and healthy. It’s a well known fact that a sound mind reside in a healthy body. Peace of mind is very much needed to perform any task whether it is in respect with daily, normal tasks or overcoming fear or depression. So practice meditation to keep your mind calm and full of new ways of doing tasks. An eight hour sleep is also necessary to cope up with stress. Stay healthy!


Other than thinking how to throw away this fear, be into the stuff that make you feel alive. Involve yourself into your hobbies. Get yourself lost in music or do things you are good at. It will give you positive vibes and will prevent you from drowning into depression. Be yourself and fear will be a little speck on the radar.


Hope this helps you in conquering your fears. Remember one thing, the person who can change yourself  or modify yourself is “YOU”. You are the master of your life. We’ll always have to face the waves in ocean but learning how to surf on them is better than running away from them.

Have fun! Keep on smiling!

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