Today we have a very interesting topic to discuss among the many unsolved mysteries that go beyond the barrier of science, technology and research. Here comes the mystery of the devil’s triangle, most popularly known as The Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean – the three vertices of this triangle are Miami in Florida, San Juan in Puerto Rico and Bermuda, a British territory. Thousands of people have become bait of this region, governed by a paranormal mystery. Every research to resolve this mystery has gone in vain. Till date no one has succeeded in finding the real truth behind this spooky oceanic mystery but here are some of the possible explanations:

  1. Rig Veda solves the mystery…

Going back in history of Hindu mythology and scriptures, the Rig Veda gives a very impressive theory. Rig Veda, written 23000 years ago states that “Planet Mars was born out of the Earth. Later mars separated from his mother earth and left a hollow space, particularly at her thigh. According to this mythology, this injury was filled with iron by godly doctors which then turned into a triangle shaped cavity filled with iron. The earth got fixed at that position and this is the reason why our earth is tilted at some angle. This triangle shaped injury went on to become Bermuda triangle.” As we already know that iron becomes a natural magnet when stored inside the earth, thus, this iron filled cavity attracts everything which passes over it. Hence, attracting aircrafts, ships or any iron object passing over it.

  1. Methane gas theory

According to science, methane has a property of lowering down the density of water. Subsequently it was found that methane hydrates exit below the ocean floor of Bermuda triangle. As these hydrates decompose, they start releasing large amount of methane gas which has an avalanche type impact, reduces the buoyancy of the water and make ships, boats fall into it like a stone or a rock. The air also gets saturated because of this and creates a turbulent atmosphere which causes aircrafts to crash. What do you think? This methane gas theory makes some sense or not?

  1. Researcher’s point

Paranormal researcher David Childress is very certain about the theory that “energy fields across the world are stronger in some areas as compared to the others and in these areas they form sort of a ‘vortex’ thereby making this energy more powerful and useful in its sense.” The reason behind these accidents at Bermuda triangle (even at its boundaries) are said to be these paranormal energies, maybe caused by some UFO’s, i.e., it has a direct link to the aliens. This is said because many UFOs have been sighted there.

  1. The electronic fog

Pilot Gruce Gernon claims he lost 28 minutes after flying through a time-wrapping cloud tunnel. The plane went missing from radars, only to re-emerge in Miami Beach. People have also experienced electronic fog in Bermuda triangle which they state to be a time travelling tunnel. This maybe another reason behind those missing ships, boats, aircrafts, etc.

Well, the methane gas theory explains it to an extent but it is still not confirmed. There are some revelations on Bermuda Triangle. The disappearances are described as UFO’s and alien activities, the lost city of Atlantis under the Bermuda triangle and other technical and geographical reasons. Still no one has succeeded in solving this mystery with full proofs and solid reasons. Hopefully one day this mystery unfolds and we see the real truth behind this paranormal place.


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