A Dam is a man-made structure built across a river. Most dams are built to control river flow, improve navigation, and regulate flooding.
The purpose of a Dam is to store water for many of several reasons such as economic, environmental, and social benefits, including
recreation, flood control, water supply, hydroelectric power, waste management, river navigation, and wildlife habitat.

Advantages of Dams in Human development:-

Dams provide prime recreational facilities throughout the world. Boating, camping, picnic areas.

Flood Control
In addition to helping farmers, dams help prevent the loss of life and property caused by flooding. Flood control dams impound
floodwaters and then either release them under control to the river below the dam or store or divert the water for other uses. For centuries,
people have built dams to help control devastating floods.

Water Storage (Fire & Farm Ponds)
Dams create reservoirs throughout the India that supply water for many uses, including industrial, municipal, and agricultural.

A large percentage of Indian cropland is irrigated using water stored behind dams. Thousands of jobs are tied to producing crops grown
with irrigated water.

Electrical Generation
Hydro power is considered clean because it does not contribute to global warming, air pollution, acid rain, or ozone depletion.

Debris Control
In some instances, dams provide enhanced environmental protection, such as the retention of hazardous materials and detrimental

Dams and locks provide for a stable system of inland river transportation throughout the heartland of the India.

List of 10 Largest Dams in India:-
Name of Dam (River name)

1. Tehri Dam (Bhagirathi)
2. Lakhwar Dam (Yamuna)
3. Idukki Arch Dam (Periyar)
4. Bhakra Dam (Satluj)
5. Pakal Dul Dam (Marusudar)
6. Sardar Sarover Gujarat Dam (Narmada)
7. Srisailam (N.S.R.S.P) Dam (Krishna)
8. Ranjit Sagar Dam ( Ravi)
9. Baglihar Dam (Chenab)
10. Chamera I Dam (Ravi)


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