Tribute to Amar Sukhdev Singh on his Birthday
May 15, 2017
Astrophysics theory: Black hole Vs Warmhole, Truth or Just a Theory!
May 16, 2017

Do you know why are there 360 Degrees in a Circle?

Why are there 360 Degrees in a Circle?

A degree is a fraction of a circle, and there are 360 degree in each of the imaginary circles that describe the surface of the earth. The number 360 is this context usually is attributed to the Babylonians, who devised a base 60 number system. (Our modern system is base 10.) They probably were the first to divide a circle into 360 degrees (6 * 60).

Some historians think that the base-60 system derives from the approximate length in days of a calendar year, but others claim that the Babylonians probably chose 60 because it is divisible by so many other numbers. Hipparchus, who invented the formal system of latitude and longitude, divided each Arch circle into 360 degrees, each degree having 60 minutes and each minute having 60 seconds.

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