On August 15, 1947, India woke up to freedom. Decades later we continue to celebrate this day when we became a free and sovereign nation. This day is a national holiday and the Prime Minister hoists the national flag at the Red Fort, followed by a speech which is broadcast nationally from its ramparts. India has been one of most valuable culture of the world.


The variety in languages, cultures, lifestyles, cuisines, climatic conditions, scenic beauty, architecture, traditions. It is not only our great achievers, in fields more than many, but also the common people that strive to make it better, day by day. There are already enough mentions about our great discoveries, inventions, spices, arts and craft, technological genius, media, film, advertising, medicine, finance, fashion, textiles, agriculture, self reliability and spirituality.

Our country’s achievements in space and missile technology. India has launched a number of satellites in space for helping us in weather forecast, communications, medical research, and education. The missiles such as Agni, Prithvi strengthened our nation’s security and ensured a place in the elite group of the world’s powerful countries. Moreover, our scientists have lifted India’s pride by placing our Tricolor on the moon and are now looking for landing in the planet Mars.

India is an integrated country where people show brotherhood among others. India is a country where people respect elders. People of India live in peace and harmony. India is the only country where there are people of different languages, religions and race, but all of them live together in harmony..

India is the largest democracy in the world. It has a civilization that is more than 5000 years old and boasts of multiple cultural origins. There is an emerging global, scientific and technological superpower, with a diverse environment in flora and fauna.

There is so much to being an Indian that one can never be proud enough.
Here are some list about India,

List                                                                      Ranking results :- INDIA Ranking/Total Countries

1. Population – 2/221
#Total Population (2015) 1,251,695,584

2. Population density    – 30/238

3. List of sovereign states and dependent territories by fertility rate   –   103/210

4. English-speaking population  –   2/133

5. Population Density  –   31/241

6. Human Development Index  –  131/188

7. Literacy rate  –  168/234

8. Global Youth Development Index  –  134/183

9. Per capita GDP(Gross Domestic Product)  –   122/183

10. Unemployment rate  –   7.97% unemployment

11. Total Area  –  7/233
#All Over India 32,87,364 km2
(1,222,559 sq mile)

12. Military in the world  – 4th powerful in the world.

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