After getting acknowledgment of the Healing Power of Yoga. People in the India and abroad are practicing yoga in ever-increasing numbers. Some call it a fad that will eventually fade away. Yet the profound physical and psychological benefits that so many experience lead  us to think otherwise.

As medical and yoga research expand, empirical evidence places yoga therapy among the most effective complementary therapies for a variety of diseases and common ailments, including anxiety, heart disease, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.

More and more mainstream medical practices are adopting yoga therapeutics, as growing research shows its efficacy in aiding recovery, especially from stress-induced conditions, and improving overall health and vitality. 60 to 90 percent of the complaints that people bring to their doctors are stress-induced, and yoga can be an effective means to mitigate and even prevent stress-induced conditions, restoring a sense of balance and ease. Hospitals are beginning to open integrated health-care departments, adding yoga therapeutics as part of their complementary practices. Professional organizations, including the International Association of Yoga Therapists, are supporting and researching these efforts. Psychologists are incorporating specific breathing practices with anxious, stressed-out clients. While group yoga classes use postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), and deep relaxation (yoga nidra), such classes may not be well matched to the sensitive needs of some individuals.

For those, working one-on-one with a trained yoga therapist who can adapt and customize a variety of approaches will better suit their specific needs and temperaments. This individualized approach is known as yoga therapy (or yoga chikitsa in Sanskrit), a holistic approach to health maintenance that includes Ayurvedic practices, specific meditation techniques, daily lifestyle practices (dinacharya), and purification practices (kriyas and panchakarma)—all customized to the individual.

Best and most of all, we can recognize that the anandamaya kosha is the part of us made up of the cosmic energy that animates all of creation. It is that energy, that power, we can cultivate, harvest, direct, and draw upon and through an ailing, healing, amazing body. So, keep practicing your yoga. Keep meditating. Keep doing your pranayamah and looking for the ways in which your whole presence can be at ease on this planet. Keep breathing, studying yourself, and following freedom wherever you go.

When you meditate, you bring yourself into the present moment; the mind is still and stress and anxiety subside. The disruptive, negative mental chatterbox that fills your mind with worry, anxiety, fear and doubt is no longer the driving force. Meditation can help you experience mental clarity, peace, love and joy. Stress or negative emotions may still come up, but you can learn to choose the thoughts and feelings that promote healing. You can use visualization along with controlled breathing and meditation. This is especially helpful if you’re newer to the practice and require additional assistance to direct your attention inward.

These methods can help you shift your thinking away from anxiety and help you focus on more positive feelings, activities and ways to spend your time. When you experience peace and clarity, you’re able to make positive choices and better decisions in your life. We feel grateful to be part of this ever-unfolding ancient healing path, and pleased to see these tools being incorporated into contemporary medical thought. Like two wings of a bird, these old and new approaches balance and support us in achieving the health and well-being we seek.

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