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Students and Parents FAQ

Q - What is the role of myshikshak.com ?

A – myshikshak.com is a platform where parents, students, tuition teachers and tuition centres can easily connect with each other. We provide qualified private home tutors, our partner tuition centres and our tuition centres to help your child with studies and helping them perform better in exams and in to develop their overall personality and skills.

Q - How do I use this website to find a tuition teacher or tuition centre?

A – Simply click on the Post your tuition request on our homepage, then fill the required details like city, location, mode of tuition, Subject and class you wish to be tutored in. Then our support team will contact you in just next 48 hours to help you.

Q - What is the cost of hiring a tuition teacher?

A – You just need to post your requirement of tuition with fee you can pay and if response regarding to that fee and area comes you will definitely get a call from us or Just Contact us here or call us at 9568444458 or 9568444459 to know the fees of hiring a tuition teacher.

Q - What are the credentials of the tuition teachers registered on your website?

A – You will find different kinds of tuition teachers, including certified teachers, non-certified tuition teachers, college/university teachers and professors, college students and more. We will review all the credentials and experience of any tuition teacher before finalizing them, as well as performing a background check.

Q - Where does the tutoring take place?

A – In-person tutoring may take place in the tuition teacher’s home or office, or in your own home, or it can be on our centers/partners centers. If the tuition facility is provided on student’s home and if the person being tutored is under 18, it is strongly recommended that a parent/guardian is present during the tutoring sessions for safety reasons.

Q - What do I do once I find a tuition teacher?

A – Once you are satisfied, contact us to schedule a free one-to-one trial class with the teacher for home tuition or to visit tuition centers.

Q - Is there a limit to how many tuition teachers I may contact?

A – Yes you may ask us for 3 tuition teachers or centers trial for one particular tuition job in a month.

Q - What is the payment process?

A – The payment method is up to the individual tuition teacher  and you need not to worry our support team will reach you to receive payments.

Q - I am a Parent looking for home tuition for my child. How can I contact you?

A – Getting in touch with us is really simple! Just post your tuition teacher requirements here and enter your details. One of our team member will contact you and then provide you a suitable tutor matching your requirements or you can just call us at 9568444458 or 9568444459.

Q - I have a question, which is not answered here.

A – No problem. If you have more queries, you can Contact Us or mail us at info@myshikshak.com or just Call us at 9568444458 or 9568444459.


Tuition Leads Marketplace FAQ

Q - What is the myshikshak.com marketplace?

A – myshikshak.com online marketplace is a mission to make it easy and cost¬ effective for students, tuition teachers, tuition centers to find and get connected with each other. It is a platform which was intended to deliver the quick need to expand the visibility of qualified and skilled tuition teachers and tuition centers to students. Our purpose is to provide you a perfect student, tuition teacher and tuition center at the comfort of your home.

Q - How can I get jobs of tuition?

A – To get tuition jobs, you first need to register yourself as a tuition teacher at myshikshak.com After becoming our member you have to just wait for our call.

Q - What is the procedure of Membership verification?

A – For Membership verification, you need to present or upload certain documents such as Address proof, ID proof, Class 12th Mark-sheet, latest educational certificate, etc. to our team member or at the time of registration at myshikshak.com. After successful verification, you can start getting jobs and start tutoring. Verification is done to make sure only the right and eligible tuition teachers get connected with us and become a part of our network. The verification process builds more trust among teachers, parents and students.

Q - As a member, will I get any inquiry?

A – myshikshak.com is only a medium that help tuition teachers and centers connect to students and vice ¬versa. As our member you will be able to get a tuition from myshikshak.com if you are ready to do the job which you are requested for you will have to sign a contract of 3 and 6 months for the same job, then we will share the contact details of the parent/student with you and you can further communicate with them to get the job. If a parent/student feels you are the right tuition teacher, then they can hire you. It all depends on your capabilities and skills on how you present yourself in front of the tutee.

Q - What other benefits will I get as a tuition teacher?

A – As a myshikshak.com tuition teacher, you will get the following benefits:
o High quality teaching job.
o Fast communications, More jobs, increased earnings.
o Email and SMS notification of new tuition jobs.
o Our Customer Service Associate will assist you with the initial process.
o We will handle payments with the parent to make sure you get paid on time.

Q - If I register and sign the contract, do you guarantee that I will get students to teach?

A – We have a number of students and parents who are looking for the perfect tuition teacher for them and they are constantly using our service. As a contracted member you will be provided with the high quality tuition jobs and we will work hard to provide you with more jobs. We ensure that you’ll get all available tuition inquiries and get hired for the job because once you get hired, we get another satisfied customer.
It is highly recommended that performing well will always get you towards success.

Q- Is it mandatory to present or upload documents for verification?

A – Yes, it is mandatory to present or upload documents for verification.