Right parenting is the most important part of any child’s upbringing. Every child is unique and is different, be it his habits, temper or nature. Our aim should be to first understand the nature of the child & know him in the best way. Of course, nobody knows the habits & likes of a child better than his/parents but they still find it difficult to raise their child. Especially today, when both parents are working, parenting becomes as tough as any other job.

What is Right parenting?

Right parenting is providing a child stable & friendly environment, nurturing him and taking an active part in his everyday life. Perfect parenting is a myth but we can always give a child the right kind of parenting. So here are some tips on right parenting:

1. Give time. Your time & care are all that they need. Never deprive them of that.
2. Forward your values. Teach them the right values. Your culture is your legacy. Pass it on to them.
3. Have some fun. Try to set some side time on a regular basis to do something fun with your child.
4. Never ignore them unless it is very important. No child wants to feel neglected.
5. Right teaching. Parents are a child’s first teacher. Teach them a good habit/value every day no matter how big they are. There is no age of learning and a person can always learn something new.
6. Set boundaries. Agree on what behaviour is desirable and not desirable. Make it as clear as possible what the child is to expect if he or she performs the undesirable behaviour.
7. Don’t clip your child’s wings. Your toddler’s mission in life is to gain independence. So when he’s developmentally capable of putting his toys away, clearing his plate from the table, and dressing himself, let him. Giving a child responsibility is good for their self-esteem.

8. Don’t try to fix everything. Give young kids a chance to find their own solutions. When you lovingly acknowledge a child’s minor frustrations without immediately rushing in to save him, you teach him self-reliance and resilience.
9. Remember that discipline is not punishment. Enforcing limits is really about teaching kids how to behave in the world and helping them to become competent, caring, and in control.
10. Appreciation is the key. Appreciate them for their everyday chores like making the bed, cleaning their room, etc.

11. Be the role model your children deserve. Kids learn by watching their parents. Modelling appropriate, respectful, good behaviour works much better than telling them what to do.
12. Don’t accept disrespect from your child. Never allow him to be rude or say hurtful things to you or anyone else. If he does, tell him firmly that you will not tolerate any form of disrespect.

13. Teach kids this bravery trick. Tell them to always notice the colour of a person’s eyes. Making eye contact will help a hesitant child appear more confident and will help any kid to be more assertive and less likely to be picked on.
14. Eat at least one meal as a family each day. Sitting down at the table together is a relaxed way for everyone to connect — a time to share the happy news, talk about the day, or tell a silly joke. It also helps your kids develop healthy eating habits.

15. Live a little greener. Show your kids how easy it is to care for the environment. Waste less, recycle, reuse, and conserve each day. Spend an afternoon picking up trash around the neighbourhood.

16. Skill Development. A growing child should learn new skills & techniques all the time. Not only is it good for a career but also for creating impressions and stand them out from others.
17. Let them decide their career. A child knows his capabilities and has his own dreams for future. Do not enforce your desire on them. Let them decide what they want to take up as a career.
18. Advise them right. If you think your child’s career choice is not appropriate for them & they can do better, then talk to them & sort this out. You can also consult a career counsellor.
19. Respect their career choice. If they have already chosen a career for themselves & have the calibre to do it, do not let your dislike of it to get in between. Respect their life choices as they have done yours.
20. Don’t raise a spoiled kid. Keep this thought in mind: Every child is a treasure, but no child is the centre of the universe. Teach him accordingly.

Today’s child is tomorrow’s future. What we teach our children is up to us. So, let them feel positive & encouraged. Stand by them as they become the winners they are meant to be. 🙂

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