Would it not be great if we get to  know the quality of the material we are buying online? Be it Myntra , flipkart , Amazon or any other shopping site, we have our doubts while purchasing our stuff, so here comes another brand new  technology to our rescue  “ The Electrovibration Technology”.

This technology makes us  feel the textures, pattern of any material appearing on the screen. How would we feel if we are capable of touching and grabbing digital bits and graphics. This technology will bring an amazing change in the world of development. Let’s figure out how this works and what are the facts of the Electrovibration technology.


This technology was accidently created by a researcher  “Edward Mallinckrodt” in 1950. Edward was a researcher at Washington university in St. Louis, accidently discovered this phenomenon – electrostatic vibration. He observed that a brass electric light socket had a different texture when a light was burning than it did when the light was turned off. Along with a team of researchers he began exploring this phenomenon in more detail using aluminium plate with insulating varnish.


Edward said “ if the dry skin of one’s finger is moved gently over a smooth  metal surface covered with a thin insulating layer the surface will have  a sensation of friction. The movement between the fingers and the screen  induces an electric force field between  them.” This field is ordinarily too small to be perceived by human skin directly but the movement over the surface provides a frictional force by changing the rate of pressure sensors in the skin. This characteristic feeling  or more easily defined – a sensation of friction is a result from the electrostatic  force produced by the alternating voltage across the electrode and insulated ground plate.

The elecrovibration technology helps the visually impaired people to get closer to the developing world in terms of technology. They can use technical devices for studying braille. This technology will enable a blind person to enter the world of technology on his own terms and conditions.

Yes, braille can be studied  with the help of electrovibration concept but according to research it will be a difficult task as compared  to other technologies, since the texture cannot be varied between different points of contact with the skin. The friction will change simultaneously as soon as the user interacts with the screen.

This modification enables the user to swipe, tap, pinch and manipulate objects on a touchscreen. The  software can generate tactile effects that makes the user feel bumps, ridges and textures of different objects. This technology will not only create a new era in terms of technological resolution but will also make more  interactive textbooks on tablets, allowing students to explore more 3 dimensional features. Gaming world will have a new development. This technology lets you fondle with graphics.

The potential uses  Electrovibration promises to enhance  more and more interactions with softwares. We hope to use this technology as  soon as possible!!

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