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May 15, 2017
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May 17, 2017
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Black hole & Warmhole in our universe, Do they really exists!!!
Scientists know there must be more out there than meets the eye because the unseen substance has gravity and appears to be holding together the parts of the universe that we can see. Because the unseen matter does not emit radiation, scientists call it dark matter.
A black hole forms when a large, dying stars collapses. The gravity created by this condensing matter completely overpowers any outward forces, including light. Although a black hole emits no lights, its presence is detectable by radio astronomy equipment.
Its extremely strong gravitational pull sucks gas and dust towards itself, forming a whirling accretion disk around the hole. The disk heats any matter that crosses it, emitting x-rays.

A highly speculative idea of modern astrophysics, wormholes are theoretical possibilities allowed within the mathematical framework of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. A wormhole is a short-lived portal, lasting only a brief moment, that joins two black holes in different locations.
Wormholes could connect two points in the present-day universe or, perhaps, in different times. In wormhole theory, matter filling into a black hole at one point should emerge through a proposed “white hole”- the reverse of a black hole- at the other end.
Neither wormholes nor any evidence of them has yet been observed. Scientists cannot determine how they would be created, although astrophysicists such as Hawking continue to work on this intriguing notion.

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