Today’s smartphone generation is quick ‘n’ hasty and needs everything customised in their 5.5inch smartphones. For young ones’ smoothness  & convenience, MyShikshak lists out some handy tools that every student must use.

1. Mint

There are many different ways to saving money in college, but with Mint financial decisions just got much easier. One of the best financial management apps we’ve come across, Mint keeps track of your budgeting while you’re on the go. View up-to-date information about your accounts, check your budgets, and edit transactions information right on the app.Worried about your personal information? The Mint app is password protected, so if you happen to lose your phone, no one will be able to see how much you make or what you spent (or didn’t spend) on textbooks.
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2. Coursera

Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 global universities and educational institutions, including Stanford and Yale. Browse courses and watch lectures from the best instructors anytime and anywhere – whether you’re interested in cuisine or computer science.

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3. Evernote

Rated as one of the Top 10 Must-Have Apps in New York Times, Evernote is a free app that helps you remember everything across all your devices. Stay organised and be productive, Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders. As of last month, Evernote released a new feature for its Android app: Handwriting. Finally, you can pick up your smartphone or tablet and quickly jot down notes with your finger or stylus.

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4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a fabulous writing tool that helps in checking the grammar of everything that you type on your system. You can include it as an extension in browsers or download & use in Microsoft Office and other tools. It not only checks for grammatical errors, but it also displays meanings, synonyms, antonyms, etc.


5. OneTab

Tooooo many tabs open in a browser? OneTab organises your open tabs and helps you to work in an efficient way without creating a mess. Working on a project & researching has been made so easy by OneTab!

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6. Noisli

Studying for exams or working on a paper and need to give your playlists a break? Noisli offers several ambient noise options that you can combine into focus-inducing soundscapes like:

campfire + crickets + wind
fan + thunderstorm

Explore Noisli here:

7. Duolingo

As the name suggests, DuoLingo is a place where you can learn any new language without any teacher & without paying. Learning a new language was never so much fun before. You can either download its app or go to the website itself. With Duolingo you can take lessons, tests and discuss it online.


8. Inshorts

Inshorts app is a news app that gives news in just 60 words! For people who do not have time to read whole articles or newspaper, this app is a saviour. You can customise according to your interests and share news with others.



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