The ability to read others can be effective way to help you communicate with them. it feels so great to understand what is going on in someone’s mind. There are always signals that you can use. All you need to know is where to look for them.

1. Try to figure out their basic behavior:
There’s is wide range of physical behaviors that people consists. For example, people might stare at the floor during a conversation, cross their arms , cough, scratch their heads. People behave in different ways for various reasons. Defining someone’s basic model of behavior will help you understand their actions – are they doing something out of habit, or is something you observe an indication of deceit, anger, or immaturity?

2. Pay attention to the differences in gestures.
During a conversation, try to look out for quirks, pay attention to the differences between an individual’s basic model of behavior and their words and gestures.
Could it be that they’re hiding something more behind this than might be obvious at first glance?

3.  Compare Behavior
if you notice that someone is acting somewhat out of the ordinary, pay closer attention to them. How does this person interact with others in the room? Does their expression change? What about their body gestures and pose?

4. Take a Mirror look of neurons.
The mirror neurons located in the brain reflect the condition of our minds. As a smile activates muscles that are responsible for a happy facial expression. When we frown, we show our dissatisfaction.
When we look at someone we like, we give a signal to our facial muscles to relax. When we don’t like someone we changes our facial expressions to anger, and dissatisfaction.

5. Try to find Strong Voice not Loud voice.
The strongest person isn’t always the one who sits at the head of the table. A self-confident person, as a rule, has a strong voice . Don’t be confused between strong and loud voice. Determine who in a group of people has the strongest voice and your chances to success increases.

6. Look out their way of walking.
Often, people lack a fluidity to their movements. And if a person looks down at their feet rather that in front of them when walking, this is a sign of a lack of self-confidence. If you notice this in a member of your team, offer this individual greater praise to strengthen their trust in you.

7. Identify their fundamental personality.
Each of us has a unique personality, but there are basic questions that allow you to read a person at a fundamental level, whoever they are. Bear in mind that you need time to learn how to read people flawlessly. And there are exceptions to every rule. But by sticking to these principles, you can improve you skills of observation and raise your ability to understand people.

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