1. Cleaning out the old stuff:
You can clean your old year things which can help your parent. Cleaning up your room will make your parent happy which is going to be great for you, May be your vacation is going to end with a surprise gift from your parent.

2. Visit new places:
In Summer vacation, Days are very hot to visit somewhere, But you can visit a hill station to make your summer day exciting. Visiting new places can be a good idea, and try to visit those places which can provide you some knowledge worthy vacations.

3. Grow a small garden at home
Growing a home garden will be a great method to make your vacations more interesting. It will be Eco-friendly and you will feel happier after doing this.

4. Learn how to cook?
Learning how to cook will make you self confident and your parent will be happy after eating some dish which is cooked by your own hand. May be it will bring a new Gift at Your Home!!!

5. Make a scrapbook & makes some crafts:
Working on hand made crafts and things is also a great idea to spend your time in summer vacation.

6. Relaxing and Shopping with some invited friends:
Inviting friends and having a small gathering and spending time with your close friends can also be a awesome idea for summer vacations.

7. Go to Yoga classes and learn how to meditate:
This is one of the most great ideas to spend your vacations because it will bring healthy mind and body for you.
Meditation can play a vital role in brain development and healthier mind of a human being. So try Yoga classes and spend some time on yoga classes and meditation.

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